Plastic Cupcake Packaging Box

Advantages of Stardeal Food Packagings: 1.Food Grade material 2.Toxic free and odourless 3.Manufactured in a clean and hygienic environment 4.Recyclable, reusable and environmentally friendly 5.Excellent strength and clarity 6.Keeps food fresh for a longer duration
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Product Details

plastic cupcake packaging box

Color:Black and Golden


XY65S 7.5*7.5*4cm

XY80S 9*9*4cm


plastic cupcake packaging box

 cupcake packaging boxmini cupcake plastic box

This plastic cupcake square container is high quality and competitive price

plastic cupcake square container: available in many color, material, size and thickness, all our order is 


Safe and eco-friendly 

This plastic cupcake square container is perfect for packing cake, cooke,  and so on.

1.Materials can use in PVC,PET,PP,PS,APET,PLAand PETG.

2.Various kinds of design,different shape & sizes.

3.Vacuum pack.

We customize the most suitable blisters for the best fitting of your products.


1.Arrange mold manufacturing and blister production according to the blister product drawing or blister sample design provided by the customer

2.Design blister products according to the product drawing or product sample provided by customers and arrange mold manufacturing and blister production

3.The products with dust-free requirement are arranged to be produced in the purification workshop

4.Each customer has its own business window to ensure immediate response to customer requests

 plastic box


The outer packing and delivery place are according to the customer's specific requirements

plastic cupcake box

logistics and delivery

Inspection and shipping:

1.once the order is completed, the customer will appointe QC to the factory so as to inspect  

2.when the inspection is ok, the guest pay remaining money  

3. factory shipment on the second day after received the final payment

4. order is normal ,delivery time 5 to 12 days or so, specific according to the actual order packing