Hinged Lid Food Containers

Available in various sizes including rectangles, squares, and wedges to fit entrees of all shapes and sizes. These hinged take-out containers are perfect for merchandising ready-made salads, sandwiches, cakes, pies, and more!
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Product Details

1. Product Overview

Hinged Lid Food Containers

food box

Hinged Lid Disposable Food Container


Produced with 40% natural minerals, which reduce the amount of polypropylene material required, this results in a much lighter carbon footprint and greater price stability.

Water & Oil Proofing

Prevent oil and water leakage, health and environmental protection, lends itself perfectly to take-out and delivery applications as well as for food packaging

Some advantages

1.Professional design &manufacturing

2.Customized and OEM is accepted
3.Various size and design is available
4.Suitable for the microwave , Temperature to 120-130°C

2. Product Specification



ItemSize (mm)Capacity (ml)Weight (g)
6'' hinged food container152*152*8045028-30
9''*6'' hinged food container (L)
9''*6'' hinged food container (S)
8'' hinged food container
8'' hinged food container (3 compartments)
9'' hinged food container
9'' hinged food container (3 compartments)

3. Application & Features

disposable food box

microwave freezer

Help customers bring your delicious food home to enjoy using take-out containers! These containers are made from PP & corn starch and feature hinged lids for easy opening and closing. 

4. Our Team & Certificates

We have focused on blister packaging industry for more than 17 years and cooperated with many famous customers.

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5. Production Flow

Candle Plastic Clamshell

6. Packaging & Delivery

Candle Clamshell

Plastic Packaging

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