Clear Plastic Acetate Boxes

We take the time to work with you to create clear acetate plastic boxes manufactured from PET or PVC. Browse our many acetate plastic box choices!
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1. Product Show

Clear Plastic Acetate Boxes

One-Stop service,help you building better packaging experiences.
We begin with thoughtful design,construction,offer winning packaging solutions for you.
Solid Experience in trading, help you purchasing relaxed.
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Clear Acetate Box          Acetate Folding Box

Clear Plastic Acetate Boxes



OEM Design available


500pcs for blank boxes, 5000pcs for printing boxes


Square, Rectangle, Triangle, etc.


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Acetate Box


3. Team Show & Certificates

STARDEAL! Your wise option for blister packs!

Clear Plastic Acetate Boxes 5

Clear Plastic Acetate Boxes 6

4. Production Process

Clear Plastic Acetate Boxes 7

5. Packing & Shipping

Try our best to esure the safety of the goods on the way to you.

Customized packing way is also accepted.

Clear Plastic Acetate Boxes 8

Clear Plastic Acetate Boxes 9

6. Box Types

Choose the box type with the features of your products or your likes

Clear Plastic Acetate Boxes 10

7. FAQ

*What is the MOQ for your products?
We actually do not hold a MOQ for any of our products. However, the price of the products is still based on the quantity inquired, so the lower the quantity, the higher the price. Nonetheless, we are still willing to provide a low quantity if the clients requires.

*Why does the price decrease with the increase of quantity?
A large amount of our cost is base on the shipping and handling cost for the products. Since these costs are divided evenly from all individual items. If the quantity is higher, the shipping and handling cost per individual items will be lower.

*Does ordering multiple items at a small quantity have an affect on the price?
Matter of fact it does have an affect on the pricing for individual items. For example, if an order consists of 2 items of 1000 pieces each. We can quote the individual price base on the total quantity of the order, which is 2000 pieces. This will decrease the price of each individual item greatly.

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