Why Use Visual Packaging From STARDEAL ?

- Apr 24, 2019-

Why Use Visual Packaging from STARDEAL ?

Packaging is the brand communications tool that gets up close and personal. Clear plastic packaging from STARDEAL is the brand communications tool that connects consumers directly with your products. High-quality, well-executed transparent plastic packaging offers significant advantages over plain paperboard packaging:

1) Three-dimensionality and a clear view of the package contents

2) Exciting aesthetics and a value-added perception

3) An elegant appearance that supports premium product positioning

4) Unique structural and graphic designs not achievable in paperboard

5) And a proven record of enhancing brand performance

A recent eye-tracking research program conducted at Clemson University supports these claims. When printed plastic carton were compared to equivalent paperboard cartons, test participants were generally more attracted to, and preferred the clear packages; and they typically had better perception of the products packaged within. They also preferred seeing an actual product within a clear carton rather than seeing an image of the product printed on an opaque, paperboard package.