The Main Advantage Of The Cylinder

- Dec 04, 2018-

(1) The requirements for users are low. The principle and structure of the cylinder are simple, easy to install and maintain, and the requirements for the user are not high. Electric cylinders are different, engineers must have certain electrical knowledge, otherwise it is very likely to be damaged due to misuse.

(2) The output force is large. The output force of the cylinder is proportional to the square of the cylinder bore; and the output force of the cylinder is related to three factors. The cylinder bore, the power of the motor and the pitch of the screw, the larger the bore and power, and the smaller the pitch, the greater the output force. A cylinder with a cylinder diameter of 50mm can theoretically have an output force of 2000N. For electric cylinders of the same cylinder diameter, although the products of different companies are different, they basically do not exceed 1000N. Obviously, the cylinder is more advantageous in terms of output force.

(3) Strong adaptability. The cylinder can work normally in high temperature and low temperature environments and is dust and water resistant, which can adapt to various harsh environments. Because of the large number of electrical components, the electric cylinder has higher environmental requirements and poor adaptability.

The advantages of electric cylinders are mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

(1) The system configuration is very simple. Since the motor is usually integrated with the cylinder, plus the controller and cable, the entire system of the electric cylinder is composed of these three parts, simple and compact.

(2) The number of stopped positions is large and the control accuracy is high. Generally, the electric cylinder has the low end and the high end. The stop position of the low end product is 3, 5, 16, 64, etc., depending on the company; the high end product can reach hundreds or even thousands of positions. . In terms of accuracy, the electric cylinder also has an absolute advantage, and the positioning accuracy can reach ¡. 0.05mm, so it is often used in precision industries such as electronics and semiconductors.

(3) Strong flexibility. There is no doubt that the flexibility of the electric cylinder is much stronger than the cylinder. Since the controller can be directly connected to the PLC, precise control of the motor's speed, positioning and forward and reverse can be achieved. To a certain extent, the electric cylinder can be moved as needed; due to the compressibility of the gas and the movement Inertia, even if the matching between the reversing valve and the magnetic switch is good, the accurate positioning of the cylinder cannot be achieved, and the flexibility cannot be discussed.