What products do blister packs suit?

- Jul 10, 2020-

Some products typically packaged with blister packs include:

  • electronic goods and accessories (e.g. USB drives, cables, headphones)

  • toys

  • stationery (e.g. pens, drawing pins, paper clips, superglue)

  • batteries

  • toothbrushes and dental floss

  • DIY goods (e.g. screws, nails, nuts and bolts)

  • tablets and capsules

  • products with delicate parts

  • products that are vulnerable to breaking (e.g. printer ink cartridges)

Blister packaging is all about protecting the product. If the product’s shape makes certain parts of it vulnerable—for example, the arm of the football figurines in the picture above—blister packaging can protect it in a way that a bag or box can’t.

Blister packs also keep products clean and uncontaminated, which is why they are almost always used to package tablets.

They are also tamper-proof. In other words, if someone has tampered with a pack of tablets (e.g. removed some of the contents), you’d be able to see that clearly from a break in the packaging.

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