What is Tri-fold Blister Clamshell Packaging

- Mar 27, 2019-

The tri-fold blister package folds the blister into three sides (front, bottom, and back) and forms a bottom edge so that the product can stand on the plane. The utility model is characterized in that the high-frequency edge-sealing process can be omitted, and the blister can be connected at a certain position of the blister, and if necessary, a staple can be put on, and the PET hard piece can be used in the material selection, and the environmentally-friendly material can be realized. The purpose is suitable for large-diameter product packaging.


Attention should be paid to the problem: 1. Because there is no high frequency machine edge sealing, the edge needs to be finished with high quality cutting on the cutting bed; 2. The buckle position should be moderately tight.

blister clamshell