Vacuum Formed Plastic Tray Solutions

- Sep 10, 2019-

Plastic Insert Trays: Organize and protect products for retail display with plastic insert trays. Designed to fit inside a paperboard carton, clear-fold box or sleeve, or set-up box, plastic insert trays offer functional and high quality retail packaging solutions.

Medical Device Trays: Thermoformed medical packaging trays with Tyvek or other lidding protect and maintain the cleanliness and safety of medical devices.

Thermoformed Dunnage Trays: Plastic dunnage trays provide assembly, work-in-process, and shipping efficiencies. Stackable, reusable, and designed for automation and/or manual material handling operations.

POP Display Trays: Display your product at the point of purchase with thermoformed POP display trays from Dordan.