The overall design of electronic packaging

- Jan 17, 2019-

1. A carton pack with its front and back sides as the main display. However, if the width of the side is equal to the main face, sometimes the same design is used. It becomes the same "main face", and the angle is unified regardless of the angle.

2, mainly on the front and back side, the side shows the product's composition, function, weight and instructions for use, the shelf life, the batch number of each administration, and other explanatory text. From the formal elements and the constituents, there must be a connection and a difference, which will produce rhythmic changes and reflect the guarantee of science and quality.

3. Arrange the image, text, graphics and color across the surface, connect several faces as one subject, one big "main face", and the picture of each face is complete. This kind of design uses a combination of different faces to form a large advertising screen in the display of the store, achieving a strong visual effect and propaganda.

4, the color design of the label is inseparable from the relationship with the container, can not be separated from the relationship between the label, can not be separated from the relationship between the top cover. Pursue the consistency of the background color of the label and the color of the container, highlighting the name and graphics. On the white container of women's cosmetics, with a white label, with a delicate line border, elegant black font, it looks clean and elegant; and black brandy with black label, emphasizing the color of the label and the container In contrast, the base color of the label uses gold, silver, white, black and other relatively saturated colors to contrast the brightness and hue of the container, resulting in a strong, lively effect. Printing the name and trademark directly on the container is also a way.

5, the label of the container is generally divided into body, chest, belly, neck, shoulder, top and cover horse. Stick one to three on one container. The shape of the label is various, and the body, chest, and belly are flat, elliptical, and rectangular, and have a shape determined according to the shape of the container, and a circle around the container. The number, shape and size of the label are highly dependent on the shape of the container. The main label of the container generally refers to the body standard, the chest label and the abdominal label, and the three are used according to the design, because the relative area is the largest. Some containers use this standard to form an echo with the cap. There are also some containers, (mainly refers to wine bottles), plus decorative shoulder and neck labels, and the top, neck and shoulder labels are connected together. There are no chests, abdominal labels, main labels, and various forms. .

6, the overall design of the packaging, is also used in the coordination of the outer packaging and the container; the outer packaging and the bottle stickers use the same design, but the composition is slightly changed, the contrast between the two large colors, but in the font name and other fonts Responsive; the image of the container appears on the outer packaging, and the partial design of the outer packaging is repeated on the container label. All in all, packaging design should focus on a theme, starting from the whole, from the big