The future of blister packaging !

- Mar 15, 2019-

According to global market research, blister packaging production can be divided into three major parts, Europe, Asia and the United States. According to the data collected by the company, each of the three regions accounts for one-third of the global blister packaging market. According to our company's understanding, in 2011, China's production and use of blister packaging products, the total output value has jumped to the forefront of the world.

The global market for plastics is worth $600 billion, with North America accounting for 25%, Europe accounting for 15%, Asia accounting for 35%, and other regions accounting for 25%.

However, by 2012, the global plastics market will move eastward, North America will be reduced from the previous 25% to 20%, European countries will be reduced by 10% from 15%, Asia will increase by 45%, and other regions will account for 25%.

The trend of development is great, but in order to be truly good, the plastics industry still needs to make a number of changes. The reform of the industry can come from the change of plastics and the reduction of processing procedures, resources and energy consumption of fully automatic machinery. If we want to change the whole industry and change a new type of Chinese packaging industry, we can only change constantly in order to have a better breakthrough in order to get a good development space and use space.

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