The difference between blister packaging and injection molding products

- Jul 11, 2019-

Blister packaging production molds are simple and cheap, produced from sheets. The blister product is a hot and soft production mode in which a plurality of dies are used to blister multiple products at a time, and then punched by a die to form a single product. Therefore, the labor cost in this link is relatively large.

Injection molding production molds are more expensive, mold production period is long, belonging to metal molds. It is produced by pressing a plurality of products of a single mold, and does not need to be separately divided to directly form a product. After the production of the injection molded product is cooled, it is only necessary to remove the edge material to form a single product. Therefore, this link is less expensive in terms of labor.

In addition, in terms of production speed, blister packaging products are relatively faster than injection molding products.