The Development of Blister Packaging

- May 08, 2019-

The development of the blister packaging industry in the future is not limited to the development and application of the packaging materials themselves, but also in the intensive processing.

The function of blister packaging has long been more than just protecting food, facilitating transportation, etc. It has become one of the value growth points of commodities and an important link to increase the added value of goods. Therefore, in the terminal market, packaging companies are paying more and more attention to the humanization and functionality of packaging.

In addition, the blister packaging industry has begun to focus on the impact on the environment. Since the use of packaging materials occupies a large amount of material materials, or the packaging materials contaminate the natural environment or damage human health, packaging greening has become an important content in green marketing. Lightweight and degradable has become an important concept in the marketing of many enterprise products.