The Design of Gift Box Packaging

- Jul 31, 2020-

In the gift box packaging design, there is actually a university question. The beauty, grade and style of the gift box will affect the degree of acceptance of the product. Generally, the gift packaging in the shopping mall looks very exquisite, so that there are selling points to attract buyers to buy products. So what if you design a packaging gift box?

    1. Artistic packaging design: Each carefully processed packaged product can reflect some artistic features, and can pay attention to the role of decorative tapes, decorative flowers and other small embellishments in the packaging, through which they can increase the artistic effect and add a finishing touch. The role.

    2, packaging design themes: This is the basis for deciding how to carry out the gift box packaging. Gifts are available in a variety of themes: love gift, packaging can choose heart-shaped or rose pattern, can be decorated with Cupid's arrow, showing a deep affection; affection The gift can be decorated with warm colors to highlight the intimate and intimate feeling.

    3, packaging design emotional: color has a great impact on people's emotions, therefore, think that the color of the wrapping paper can be distinguished by age and gender: men should be based on cool colors, women can choose bright colors or elegant and generous shallow Color, children should choose bright, lively and lovely patterns.

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