The Benefits of Choosing Clear Plastic Boxes

- Jun 22, 2020-

The transparent plastic box is mainly used as the outer packaging of the product. Because it is transparent, it can visually see the products in the plastic box. Therefore, the transparent plastic box is widely adopted, and the transparent plastic box has the following advantages.

        1, Transparent plastic box packaging effect is excellent, there are PVC, PET, PP and other materials to choose, the surface can be directly processed hot stamping, hot silver, metallic, frosted, three-dimensional grating and cloth, wood grain and leather grain and other special printing The effect is that the printing products produced by the new synergy are more accurate in overprinting, bright in color and strong in ink adhesion.

       2, The transparent plastic box with the new synergy of the most advanced soft line technology, can make the transparent plastic box easy to form, straight and straight, strong support, save time and save labor costs. Folding box products have great advantages in manufacturing cost and production speed.

      3, The transparent plastic box has good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and impact resistance, and has high mechanical strength, which can protect the product very well.

      4, The transparent plastic box allows consumers to directly see the products inside, so that the products can be better displayed in front of customers, help the promotion of products, can give customers a deeper image, and thus stand out on the shelves.

     5, Transparent plastic box packaging can design a variety of color patterns and different shapes of packaging boxes to improve product quality and product competitiveness.

     6, The transparent plastic box is packed in a flat package, and the protective film is wrapped to avoid the bad situation such as scratches, bending deformation and damage during the transportation process, and also reduce the transportation cost.

Clear PVC Boxes