The Advantages of Our Protective Face Shield!

- May 28, 2020-

1. Measurement

320 mm*220 mm. It is wider, up to 220 deg. Coverage for the full face, especially blocks the aerosol spraying from the side face where it is always be ignored.

2. Sponge thickness

3.5 cm High density. 

1) Easy to wear goggles or glasses and keep enough comfortable gaps, won't cause light-reflective; 

2) High density, wear comfortably, not deformed, not close to the face, won't prevent the eye vision

3. PET lens thickness

0.25 mm. Sufficient hardness, not easily deformed, Anti stronger aerosol, dust, and splash, better to protect our face.

4. Logo area

HD print directly.

1) No fading, cracking or peeling when disinfecting if need 

2) Showing high definition instruction and high quality

5. Elastic strap

44.5*2.5cm. Support a bigger force surface to reduce the stress to the head the end-user won't feel pressure/pain 

if wear for a long time.

6. Plastic buttons

Alive button and can fix it again. The button can be fixed again once if the face shield is stretched strongly.

Anti Fog Face Shield Visor 2