Some basic information about the tray

- Jan 15, 2019-

The Chinese national standard "logistics terminology" defines a pallet as a horizontal platform device for loading, stacking, transporting and transporting goods and articles as unit loads. As a container-like equipment similar to containers, pallets are now widely used in production, transportation, warehousing and distribution, and are considered to be one of the two key innovations in the logistics industry in the 20th century. As an important loading, unloading, storage and transportation equipment in the logistics operation process, pallets play a huge role in modern logistics with the use of forklifts. The benefits brought by the pallet to the modern logistics industry are mainly reflected in: unitization, standardization and standardization of the packaging of articles, protection of articles, convenience of logistics and business flow, pallets, also known as pallets, splints. The trays are divided into at least two types according to their functions. One is a tray in daily spoken language, and a bowl of bowl is placed at the end of the meal. The other is a pallet for logistics. As a daily tray, put some dishes and so on. The pallets on the logistics are classified according to materials, uses, countertops, forklifts and structures of forklifts. There are many types of pallets. Especially in some occasions requiring fast operation, the use rate is increasing due to the high efficiency, safety and stability of the pallet operation. There are various types of pallets on the market, including wooden pallets, plywood fumigation-free trays, four-way pallets. Double-sided pallets. European standard pallets. European standard CP3. Square pier pallets. Single-sided plywood pallets. Double-sided plywood pallets. Fumigation tray. No. Thickened plywood. Double-sided field plastic tray. Blue plastic tray. European standard CP3. Black plastic tray. 12KGS black field character grid. There are also a variety of special pallets, flat glass pallets, tire-specific pallets, long-size pallets and special pallets for oil drums.