Production Process of Protective Face Shield

- May 21, 2020-

  1. PET lens production: generally 4 PET lenses are assembled into one version.

  2. Printing: Print information that meets customer requirements on the top of the PET lens.

  3. Die-cutting: cut the large-sized PET lenses into 4 single PET lenses of suitable size.

  4. Perforation of PET lenses: punch two holes in the upper part of the PET lens to fix the elastic band.

  5. Install the sponge: use the tool to install the sponge to the appropriate position of the PET lens.

  6. Install the elastic band: fix the elastic band to the two holes on the top with a fixing buckle.

  7. Quality inspection: one quality inspector is arranged for each production line to conduct the pre-packaging inspection on the appearance and structural installation.

  8. Bagging: Put the assembled protective face shield, certificate of conformity, and instructions into the packaging PE bag.

  9. Packing: Put 200 packed protective masks into the outer packing cartons.

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