Plastic Folding Boxes

- Nov 14, 2020-

The folding box is a kind of packaging product, which is punched out of the folding box embryo by punching scissors, and then bonded with an adhesive to form a box-shaped product.

PET Boxes

The main raw materials are: PVC material, APET material, PP material, PS material, etc. Adhesive methods mainly include high-frequency bonding adhesive, glue, and fasteners. 

The advantage of high-frequency bonding adhesive is that the bonding surface is neat and non-spill, but the cost is high. 

Glue is the most common bonding method currently. There are two principles. The first one is bonding with glue that has its own adhesive force. However, this method has more glue stains on the adhesive side of the folding box, and there may be whitening or loosening. The second is to use the chemical properties of the glue itself, which can decompose the surface of the film, and when the two disintegrated films are bonded together, they will fuse together. The transparency of the bonded surface is very high, and it is almost equal to one same piece of film. 

Using fasteners refer to punching and cutting at the bonding edge to make a button stand. When bonding, it only need to fasten the mutual nail position. The advantage of this method is that the cost is the lowest, but it is easy to loose. At present, this method is mostly used to make PP folding box.