Plastic Blister Packaging - Design and Performance

- Aug 18, 2020-

Our custom designs meet requirements that range from:

  • Face seal blister packaging that covers all or a portion of the pre-printed blister card and delivers see-through plastic blister packaging

  • Elaborate multi-cavity plastic blister packaging that hold several discrete items in their own custom shaped pockets

  • Trapped plastic blister packaging that allow a blister to be held between a front and a back blister card

  • Front blister packaging with a compatible rear plastic blister to allow a 2-sided blister pack with cavities on two sides and a blister card sandwiched in-between

  • Thermoformed blister packaging with a clear or colorful thermoformed tray insert for a custom hold of a delicate item or for a high-end visual affect

  • Blister packaging designs that need to seal to materials other than blister card stock, such as medical grade tyvek and rigid PVC

Plastic Blister