Operation Steps of Making Blister Sample with Plaster Mold

- Mar 02, 2021-

How to make blister packaging samples with plaster mold?

1. First, use manual mud to form the outline of the actual object;

2. Put it on the blister making machine to form the blister embryo;

3. Pour the prepared blister-specific gypsum into the blister embryo and form a gypsum embryo after air-drying;

4. The electric milling machine is used for deep processing of gypsum rough and regular shapes;

5. Hand polished and manually added parts;

6. Glue the polished gypsum parts into a complete plaster mold;

7. Then put it into the blister making machine to blister and form a complete sample;

8. According to the size of the finished product, manually trim and seal the edges to complete the entire proofing process.