Electronic packaging design and structure

- Jan 23, 2019-

Packaging design is also called shape design, mostly refers to the shape of the packaging container. It uses the principles of aesthetics, through the changes in form, color and other factors, the packaging container shape with packaging function and beautiful appearance, expressed in visual form. Packaging containers must be able to reliably protect the product, must have an excellent appearance, and must be economical. Packaging structure design

The packaging structure design is based on the basic functions of packaging, such as protection, convenience, reusability and practical conditions, and the design of the external and internal structure of the packaging is based on scientific principles. An excellent structural design should be the primary function of effectively protecting goods; secondly, the convenience of use, carrying, display, and shipping should be considered; and functions such as reusability and display of contents can be considered as much as possible.

Folding packaging design

The packaging and decoration design is based on art forms such as patterns, characters, colors and reliefs, highlighting the characteristics and image of the products, and strives to promote the sales of products by exquisite modeling, novel patterns, clear colors, clear text, and decorative and beautifying products. Packaging and decoration is a comprehensive science. It is not only a practical art, but also an engineering technology. It is an organic combination of arts and crafts and engineering technology, and considers marketing, consumer economics, consumer psychology and other disciplines. An excellent packaging design is organically unified in packaging design, structural design, and decorative design. Only in this way can the packaging design be fully utilized. Moreover, packaging design involves not only the two academic fields of technology and art, but also many other related disciplines in their respective fields.