Double Blister Packaging And Blister Card Packaging

- Jun 21, 2019-

1. Double blister packaging refers to the packaging form in which the paper card and the product are packaged together with two blister shells. It is characterized by the need for a high-frequency machine to seal the double blister, which has low efficiency and high packaging cost, but the edges are neat and beautiful, and the appearance of the product is high-grade.

2. Blister card packaging refers to the blister heat sealing on the surface of the paper card with plastic oil, the common supermarket battery packaging used more. It is characterized by the need for a blister sealing device to encapsulate the product between the paper card and the blister.


The issues that should be noted are:

1. Double blister packaging can only use PVC and PETG film, otherwise it will not be heat sealing or heat sealing effect is not good;

2. The quality of the high-frequency mold determines the quality of the double blister edge.