Copper Molds

- Aug 02, 2019-

According to the drawings or objects provided by the customer, first make a plaster mold, then use the plaster mold to produce a preliminary model, put the preliminary sample in the electrolytic cylinder, take out when the copper adsorbed on the surface reaches 5-8MM thick, and then inject the mold into the plaster. Vacuum vents need to be drilled, then placed in an oven to dry, and the mold is placed after the mold is dried, and the surface of the mold is polished to make the mold smoother, and then cleaned and used. This process takes about 3-5 days.

Because it is a metal mold, it is more durable, and the appearance and transparency of the blister packaging products produced by such molds are better. Mold making is moderately priced and widely used, making it the first choice for the demand industry.

The main industries are: electronics, toys, stationery, cosmetics, auto parts, food, etc.