- Mar 22, 2019-


--Plastic Boxes in Many Styles

Most of our plastic boxes are designed to sit on a bench or counter top. In addition to this, boxes can be designed with a hole tag. This means that the product can be hung from a hook. Then are boxes that come flat packed while others will arrive fully made. As well as this there is our range of novelty boxes that are a little more special.

--Many Uses Too

This kind of packaging has many uses. For example, some of our customers currently use boxes for products such as confectionery, craft items, flowers, nursery items, manchester, memorabilia, and the list goes on.  They also make great gift boxes. If this is what you are looking for, plastic boxes could be your perfect packaging solution.

If you need help finding a suitable product

If you follow the links below you will find lists of all of our boxes.  These are here so that you can browse through them at your own convenience. However if you have trouble finding something, you are always welcome to contact us to discuss your requirements. We can then take a look to see if something is close to the measurements that you are looking for.  If there’s nothing there though, don’t despair.  We can always design a custom package for you.  In this case though you will be asked to make a contribution towards the tooling.