Classification of electronic packaging

- Jan 16, 2019-

There are many kinds of goods, different shapes and various styles, and their functions and appearances are also different. The so-called content decision form, packaging is no exception. Therefore, in order to distinguish between goods and design convenience, we classify the packaging design as follows:

Folding by product content

Commodity, food, tobacco and alcohol, cosmetics, medicine, cultural and sports, handicrafts, chemicals, hardware and appliances, textiles, children's toys, souvenirs.

Folded by packaging materials

Different commodities, taking into account its transportation process and display effects, so the materials used are not the same. Such as paper packaging, metal packaging, glass packaging, wood packaging, ceramic packaging, plastic packaging, cotton and linen packaging, cloth packaging and so on.

Folding by product nature

1, sales packaging

Sales packaging, also known as commercial packaging, can be divided into domestic packaging, export packaging, gift packaging, economic packaging and so on. Sales packaging is directly oriented to consumption, therefore, in the design, there must be an accurate positioning (about the positioning of the packaging design, detailed in the following) in line with the appeal of the goods, and strive to be simple and generous, convenient and practical, but also reflect Commodity.

2, storage and transportation packaging

Storage and transportation packaging is also the packaging for the purpose of storage or transportation of goods. It is mainly distributed between manufacturers and distributors and stores, which facilitates the handling and counting of products. At the time of design, it is not the point. Just indicate the quantity of the product, the date and time of delivery and arrival, and so on.

3, munitions packaging

The packaging of munitions can also be said to be special product packaging. Since it is rarely encountered in design, it is not detailed here, nor is it the focus of this book.