Childproof blister packaging

- Mar 29, 2019-

A childproof packaging having three portions which are formed from a single sheet of suitable card or plastics material.


In use, a blister pack is placed into the first portion having apertures which correlate with a respective cup or indentation in the blister pack.


The second portion is then folded onto the top of the penetrable foil lid of the blister pack, and the third portion is then folded on top of the second portion and sealed with a suitable adhesive. The second portion has a plurality of closures moveable by application of a suitable yield force, between a first position, which blocks access to the outlet of a respective compartment of the blister pack, and a second position which provides access to the outlet.


The closure can be moved by placing an elongate member into a slotted aperture in the third portion and then pushing the moveable closure to the second position.