Blister related concepts

- Jan 10, 2019-

The plastic products are processed by plastic. The principle of the product is to heat and soften the flat plastic hard sheet material, vacuum-adsorb it on the surface of the mold, and then cool and form the plastic. The plastic products are widely used for electronics and electrical appliances. Industry, food industry, hardware tools, cosmetics industry, toy industry, daily necessities industry, medicine, health products, automotive, stationery, stationery and other categories of industries.

The general term for the production of plastic products by the blister process and the packaging of the products with the corresponding equipment. Blister packaging products mainly include: blister, tray, plastic box, synonym: vacuum cover, blister and so on. Blister packaging equipment mainly includes: plastic molding machine, punching machine, sealing machine, high frequency machine, folding machine. The packaged product formed by the package can be divided into: card, suction card, double bubble shell, half bulb shell, double folded bulb shell, three fold bulb shell and the like.

The transparent plastic sheet is made into a transparent plastic with a specific convex shape by a blister process, and is covered on the surface of the product to protect and beautify the product. Also known as blister, vacuum cover, plastic mask. According to the form of the blister, it can be divided into: single blister, double blister, card blister and blister shell