Blister Packs

- Nov 28, 2019-

1. Blister Pack is a kind of vacuum formed plastic packaging, Workers use blister machines heat a roll of flat hard plastic sheet and make it softened, then use vacuum pressure to adsorb on mold surface, after cooling, and it can form variety of shape as different kinds of mold.

2. Blister packs are the best way for your inner packaging and outer packaging to protect products against external factors, such as humidity and contamination. It makes your products more beautiful and dignified. 

3. Products types: vacuum forming blister trays, flocked trays, antistatic tray, lid + base set, slip card + blister cover packaging, heat sealing / high frequency sealing / ultrasonic sealing clamshell packing and boxes. 

4. Clamshell packing has double faces, can be folded over in half and button up by itself. Slip carded packaging usually consist of a specially made paper board card and edgefolded plastic box. 

5. Clamshell can be seal by machine which fuse the edges. Blister cover + paper card board can be seal by heat sealing machine. It can be used as a security package to deter unauthorized open and tampering for small high-value items, such as consumer electronics, Jewelry. 

6. the most basic material is PVC. The principal advantages are low cost and the ease of thermoforming. Besides, we offer eco-friendly PP, PET as the better material for the goods which need stricter requirement. 

7. We can custom-make all size, color, shape, style, design, printing, etc as per customer's request. Any color material is available. Flocked material is available.

8. Processes include: silkscreen printing, offset printing, hot stamping, frosted, embossed, UV vanishing, etc.

9. Applicable Industry: gifts, toys, hardware, small consumer goods, electronic products, jewelry ornaments, stationery, cosmetics, perfumes, car parts, adult products etc.

10. The mold has three kinds: gypsum mold for making sample, aluminum mold for precision products, and copper electroplating mold normal mass production