Blister Packaging Process Procedures

- Jun 14, 2019-

Blister packaging materials are used in a wide range of applications. The packaging process of blister packaging materials, the number of products loaded into the outer packaging box should comply with the provisions of the corresponding product packaging technical standards, and be firmly fixed to ensure that the products do not collide with each other. The pressure (pad) of the fixed product should be coated with a layer of corrugated cardboard (thick sheet) or rigid foam at the contact point of the product and nailed to the raft by appropriate means.


How does the blister packaging material package the product?

Basic requirements: Unpackaged products should be stored in a rain-proof, ventilated, dry place. Pad the product to prevent moisture and damage. The product must be inspected by the quality inspection department and accompanied by a product certificate. The product must be inspected by the packaging inspector before packaging. Dust and other dirt on the product before packaging must be removed. The entire packaging process must be cleaned to ensure the quality of the package. Explosion-proof electrical products and electric drive control devices shall be covered with plastic bags and then placed in the packaging box. The outer packaging shall be packed in simple packaging and must be packed in plastic bags.