Benefits of Clamshell Packaging

- Nov 14, 2019-

  • Improved sell-through – Products displayed in a clamshell package could sell better compared to the same product in other packaging styles. Through increased product visibility and a printed insert card, clamshell packaging allows you to use your packaging as a differentiation tool.

  • Increased protection – Using a clamshell package provides added protection for the product, retailer, and end-user. A custom thermoformed part holds the product in place, and reduces the chances of damaging in transportation. On the shelf, the clamshell packaging will reduce theft, helping to improve margins. Items that can be a hazard if used improperly, such as a knife, can be viewed safely via a sealed clamshell.

  • Adaptable to retailer’s demands – Retailer requirements are another factor to consider when choosing between packaging styles. Some retailer’s prefer to have products stand on-shelf, while other may make you hang your product on a peg. With a clamshell package, the customization options allow you to design your product without compromise.