Anti-static treatment skills in blister packaging transportation

- Apr 02, 2019-

In the product packaging, anti-static blister packaging is also often used, also known as anti-static blister packaging, that is, those engaged in precision electronic products will often use when packaging products, because the product is packaged and transported. When the product and the package are rubbed against each other, static electricity is generated. If the static electricity is not well guided, it is easy to cause damage to the electronic product. Therefore, anti-static packaging is required in the packaging of the product.


Many people may have heard of anti-static blister packaging but they are not very clear about their principles and composition. Generally speaking, anti-static blister products are usually divided into three grades in the industry from the level of anti-static, 9-11 The material of the secondary side is a material with anti-static function. The 5-8th power is semi-conductive material, which is better than the 9-11th power. The conductive material below 5th power is also the best anti-static material; The most common type of static electricity in the plastic tray material is Ps material and PET material. The antistatic material of PS material can be added into the material production by antistatic material to make the antistatic of the cost body. The outer layer of the finished product is sprayed with an antistatic layer to achieve the purpose of antistatic, but the antistatic of the spray is affected by the ambient temperature and humidity. Sometimes the conductivity measured by the detected site and temperature is different.

antistatic blister tray