Advantages of the tray

- Jan 05, 2019-

A pallet is a medium that transforms static goods into dynamic goods, a cargo platform, and an active platform, or a movable ground.

 Even if the goods that are lost on the ground lose their flexibility, they are immediately activated when they are loaded onto the pallet, becoming flexible mobile goods, because the goods loaded on the pallets are ready to be transferred to the sport at any time. This dynamic loading and unloading method consisting of pallets is called pallet work.

The pallet operation not only significantly improves the loading and unloading effect, but also the implementation of the warehouse building form, the structure of the ship, the loading and unloading facilities of the railway and other modes of transportation, and the management organization. In terms of packaging of goods, the standardization and modularization of packaging are promoted, and even the general production activities other than loading and unloading will have a significant impact. As production equipment becomes more sophisticated, automation is getting higher and higher.

Basic terminology related to pallets

Basic terminology related to pallets

The planning of production is getting stronger and the management method is gradually advanced, and the work of handling between the processes and supplying materials and semi-finished products to the production line becomes more and more important.

Pallet work is an effective means to rapidly improve handling efficiency and orderly material flow, and plays a huge role in reducing production costs and improving production efficiency.