Bath Bomb Plastic Packaging

How do you use plastic bath bomb molds?

Plastic Bath Bomb Mold & Package
Start filling both halves. Press the powder in firmly but not too much - if it's packed too tight the bath bomb may get stuck. Clear off any excess powder from the seams. Then, mound powder in the center of each half to help the sides stick together.
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Product Details

1. Product Overview

Bath Bomb Plastic Packaging

Clamshell boxes are widely produced by our customers for packaging everything from electronic parts to nails.

Our Clamshell packaging film is Ideal for retail clamshell production because of its transparency and strength, making it ideal for display of retail products.

Fortune Union can supply any standard monolayer clamshell packaging film that best suits your clamshell packaging production. Recommended materials are PVC, LDPE, PS, HDPE, RPET, APET, EVOH, PVDC, PP, PETG.

For best results we recommend using blister packaging film made with our specialty materials, PVC, PET and PETG, which are the most cost efficient materials for clamshell packaging. Food grade quality also available.

 PET Clamshell     Bath Bomb Mold

2. Product Specification

Item Name

Bath Bomb Plastic Packaging




Clear PVC or PET generally


Inner diameter 6cm, 6.5cm, 7cm, customized


1000pcs ( also based on the size and design)

3. Some Recommendations

Plastic Clamshell

4. Our Team & Certificates

We have focused on blister packaging industry for more than 15 years and cooperated with many famous customers.

Bath Bomb Plastic Packaging 5

Bath Bomb Plastic Packaging 6

5. Production Flow

Bath Bomb Plastic Packaging 7

6. Packaging & Delivery

Bath Bomb Plastic Packaging 8

Bath Bomb Plastic Packaging 9


7. Knowleadge

What products do blister packs suit?

Some products typically packaged with blister packs include:

  • electronic goods and accessories (e.g. USB drives, cables, headphones)

  • toys

  • stationery (e.g. pens, drawing pins, paper clips, superglue)

  • batteries

  • toothbrushes and dental floss

  • DIY goods (e.g. screws, nails, nuts and bolts)

  • tablets and capsules

  • products with delicate parts

  • products that are vulnerable to breaking (e.g. printer ink cartridges)

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