Clamshell Blister Box

Blister Packs. Blister packaging is an inexpensive option for creating packages that are durable, transparent, and tamper proof. We make a variety of shapes and sizes blister packaging for different products.
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Product Details

1. Product Overview

Clamshell Blister Box

Clam packaging offers the same kind of protection as any other blister packaging but works best for products that won’t really fit in a blister pack, or for sets that have several different parts. For example:

  • small tool sets

  • sets of lightbulbs

  • gift sets

  • cosmetic sets

  • etc.

Blister Clamshell         Clamshell Boxes

2. Product Specification

Item Name

Clamshell Blister Box




Transparent PVC or PET, PS, etc.


Engraving logo, embossing logo, etc.


1000pcs ( also based on the size and design)

3. Some Recommendations

Clamshell Container

4. Our Team & Certificates

We have focused on blister packaging industry for more than 15 years and cooperated with many famous customers.

Plastic Clamshell

Clear Clamshell Packaging

5. Production Flow

Toy Clamshell

6. Packaging & Delivery

PET Clamshell

Custom Clamshell


7. Knowledge

What is blister packaging?

Blister packaging is a type of packaging produced by heating a sheet of plastic and moulding it into shape to form a bubble or pocket the ‘blister’ that completely covers the product.

The blister can be made in any shape a uniform shape to protect tablets, for example, or an unusual shape to protect a less consistently shaped product, like the football figurines shown in the image below.

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