Empty Blister Packs For Medication

PVC capsule blister packaging tray in supply, not including the back sealing foil. We have existing molds for capsules in size 0 and size 00.
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Product Details

1. Product Overview

Empty Blister Packs For Medication

Receiving capsules in blister packaging helps decrease medication dispensing time by eliminating the need for pharmacists to spend several minutes counting and recounting the number of pills dispensed.

Empty Blister Packs          Capsule Blister Packs

2. Product Specification

Item Name

Empty Blister Packs For Medication




Clear PVC or PET generally


Logo embossing / engraving


5000pcs ( also based on the size and design)

3. Some Recommendations

Medical Blister Packaging

4. Our Team & Certificates

We have focused on blister packaging industry for more than 15 years and cooperated with many famous customers.

Blister Packaging

Pill Blister Packs

5. Production Flow

Tablet Blister Packs

6. Packaging & Delivery

Capsule Blister Sheet

Plastic Blister


7. Knowleadge

What products do blister packs suit?

Some products typically packaged with blister packs include:

  • electronic goods and accessories (e.g. USB drives, cables, headphones)

  • toys

  • stationery (e.g. pens, drawing pins, paper clips, superglue)

  • batteries

  • toothbrushes and dental floss

  • DIY goods (e.g. screws, nails, nuts and bolts)

  • tablets and capsules

  • products with delicate parts

  • products that are vulnerable to breaking (e.g. printer ink cartridges)

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