Child Face Shield Visors

1. Comfortably worn anti-fog face shield with an elegant design.
2. Easy to remove and change shield.
3. Adjustable elastic headband with tension knobs to fit head size and angle.
4. Rotates up to 120 degrees, making for easy adjustment. Shield flips up when not needed.
5. Can be worn over eyeglasses.
6. Coverage from top of the eyebrow to under mouth the chin area.
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Kids Face Shield Visors

Child Face Shield Visors


Child Face Shield Visors

Material PVC/PET /PP
MOQ2000pcs, the number can be reconsidered

【Reusable】This shade can be easily cleaned with water, but it is recommended to disinfect with alcohol. 

【Anti-fog:】 Transparent material, made of super transparent PVC, provides maximum visibility and prevents fog from covering your line of sight.Durable and practical. 

【Intelligent design】: Facial sponge design, can block the lens, leaving space for the thin frame glasses.

【Full protection:】 The wraparound mask maximizes the coverage of your face by covering the area from the

upper brow to the chin.It protects your eyes and face from saliva, water droplets, sprays, splashes, 

uv rays, wind,

pollen, aerosols and flying dust.

Child Face Shield Visors

Personal Face Shield is safe and professional protection mask to prevent face, nose, eyes in an all round

 way from dust, splash, virus, etc. It is especially suitable for government departments of disease control 

and prevent, dental institutions for equipment cleaning, laboratories, chemical production and other 

industries. It is widely used in medical activities or in the daily life and work to protect the face, eyes, 

nose and mouth.

face shield

Child Face Shield

• Vented foam design for increased air flow and comfort.
• Sonically welded band gives the face shield added strength and reliability.
• Available in both elastic band and adjustable Velcro band.

 Disposable face shield


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