Anti Fog Face Shield Visor

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1. Product Overview

Anti Fog Face Shield Visor

Anti-fog protective face shields are used as personal protective equipment in work and life. It is mainly composed of the following par: Clear double-sided anti-fog PET lens, Soft sponge, Adjustable elastic strap and Fixed buttons.

 Anti Fog Face Shield         Anti Splash Face Shield

2. Product Specification

Item Name

Anti Fog Face Shield Visor

Product Material

70% clear PET, 20% soft Sponge, 8% adjustable elastic strap, 2% plastic buttons





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4. Our Team & Certificates

We have focused on blister packaging industry for more than 16 years and cooperated with many famous customers.

Anti Fog Face Shield Visor 5

Anti Fog Face Shield Visor 6

5. Production Flow

Anti Fog Face Shield Visor 7

6. Packaging & Delivery

Anti Fog Face Shield Visor 8

Small quantity-- Express like UPS, EMS, TNT,  FEDEX or DHL

Large quantity-- By sea or air (to port or to door)

Anti Fog Face Shield Visor 9


7. Knowledge

How to distinguish the quality of protective face shield?

Because the face shield is directly blocked in front of the eyes, the transparency of the PET sheet is very high. Generally, transparency is required to be more than 95%, so as not to affect the line of sight in work and life.

At the same time, the thickness of the PET also has certain requirements. It must have a moderate thickness so that it is not easy to deform and better protect the entire face.

Because the heat generated when speaking in front of the eyes and mouth is blocked, it will generate fog and affect the line of sight, so PET must be anti-fog on both sides to ensure that it is not disturbed by fog during use.


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