Plastic Electronic Inner Tray For Auto Parts

1.Packaging various different electronic parts in one tray as a set 2.Antistatic material is available if needed 3.Make the cavity to follow your products shapes
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Product Details

1. Product Introduction

Vacuum formed trays are commonly used for packaging applications due to its lower cost tooling, ability to run thin material, and large number of design features.

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Thermoforming is made up of several similar processes.  These include vacuum forming, pressure forming, and twin sheet forming.  They all have applications with plastic packaging. Vacuum forming is used for more basic trays and is the least expensive option.  Pressure forming adds pressure to the part pressing the plastic against the mold.  Pressure forming is better for high detail, close tolerances, and small cavities.  Twin sheet forming essentially welds two sheets of plastic together allowing for hollow parts or reinforced parts.  Twin sheet forming is used for skids, trays with fork truck access, or for trays  requiring two surfaces.

2. Our Clients

blister packaging trays

3. Our Team & Certificates

We have focused on blister packaging industry for more than 15 years and cooperated with many well-known customers.

Electronic Parts Trays

Blister Trays

4. Production Flow

Electronic Blister Trays

6. Packaging & Delivery

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Small quantity-- Express like UPS, EMS, TNT,  FEDEX or DHL

Large quantity-- By sea or air (to port or to door)

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7. Why Choose Us ?

 1.we have years of trade experience .

2.Complete facilities & skilled workers.

3.Strict quality control & excellent after sales service.

4.Factory directly sell,high quality and reasonable price.

5.customized servise is allowed.